LEAD STORIES LATEST NEWS: Sandoval County launches Hi Wi-Fi Network
High-speed revolution puts Sandoval on world map

A communications revolution has taken place – unnoticed and away from national media attention. The revolution offers solutions for every city and state with a digital divide, telecommunications infrastructure and information access challenges. The revolution offers radically improved and inexpensive solutions to government, societies and private sector communications. This revolution has taken place within a county of New Mexico.

From scratch to super speed - South Korea zooms ahead

In the digital age speed is a critical component to a nation's economic dynamism. No country better illustrates this axiom than South Korea. The average home has a 50Mbps broadband connection – four out of five households have access to the Net − costing $25 per month. Seoul’s intervention has led to astonishing results. Today South Korean companies continue to export much of the world’s digital televisions, computer monitors, semiconductors and portable phone chargers.

Life begins @ 100Mbit/s: Peter Cochrane, celebrated futurologist

I recall paying for computing time by the minute and data storage by the KByte, a time when downloading and printing meant taking a lunch break … Relatively speaking our technology now costs nothing. I can now afford a 1000bit/s LAN and 80Mbit/s wireless LAN in my home. Every computer has a >3GHz clock and over 1GByte of RAM, and a 3TByte server takes care of all storage and back up. And my Net access is a dedicated 10Mbit/s direct fiber optic link. This might all seem extravagant, but to my youngest son it all sucks. And he is right…

So what exactly is Broadband?

It seems as if everybody sells high speed broadband these days - phone companies, cable television operators, satellite broadcasters and even your favorite coffee shop offer broadband. But does the broadband which comes with your super grande mocha cappuccino wake up your computer as quickly as the broadband offered by someone else? Tip: Get AT&T U-verse coupon code from latest tech coupons or Verizon fios promo codes for the best price broadband services in the country

Dewayne Hendricks - Chief consulting engineer for Sandoval County Broadband

When Sandoval County wanted to create the most advanced system we turned to Dewayne Hendricks – who is a step ahead of everyone else.


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